Boom Makes bags! Nice to meet you, I'm Alessandra Botto aka Boom. Welcome to my online world.

The label

"slimpack your bags"

It's a pun!
Our goods are slim to travel easily


Bags for people and for the planet.

I create products with a long and useful life. I design them minimizing waste and using high-quality Italian leather that I call "happy leather". All of my products are made from the big brands' surplus leather.
The result? I minimize environmental impact and waste, reducing carbon emissions and pollution. It's fantastic, isn't it?


I do not use any synthetic materials that are called vegan leather alternatives. "Happy leather" is currently the most sustainable option to produce bags that can be used for a lifetime. Hides and skins are a by-product of the meat and dairy industry, and transformation into leather is the best use for those hides. Leather is a high quality material that is very long-lasting and – unlike other materials – becomes more beautiful over time.
The most common alternatives to real leather are either made from PU, PVC or other composite microfibers producing many harmful toxins in the production process and they don’t fully biodegrade. Moreover, these alternatives will never last as long as leather does.
BOOM BAG makes an effort to design timeless pieces that you can carry for years.


BOOM BAG products are designed to eliminate material waste, and I hold the packaging to the same standards! As part of this effort, dust bags are made of 100% cotton and all paper materials that come along with my products — from paper sleeves to your packing slip — are recyclable.