BOOM BAG was born in 2015 because I really wanted a backpack convertible into a functional, affordable and nice-looking bag.
I couldn’t find one, so I decided to make it. The result was my first backpack called the BIG-ONE. It's made out of a single cut of leather, folded and stitched on both sides. Inside you will find a detachable zipped pocket, suitable to be used as a clutch. Basic but clever.
The BIG-ONE is still my best-selling bag.
Today I make 3 different backpack/bags (the Big-One, the Half and the 3Four), and also some accessories.
Each style has been carefully considered, and is always inspired by what we need and what we want to use in our everyday lives.

What’s it about?

Winsome backpacks convertible into a bag that makes life easier and more enjoyable. My goal is to make colorful and resistant products using higth-quality happy leather, as well as to have a lasting partnership with my manufacturer in Tuscany.
I hope you look and feel awesome when you carry a BOOM BAG.